My Review Policy

*Due to the amount of time and effort I put into maintaining my reviews and this website, I find I need to make the following change to my review policy, effective immediately: 

I am no longer able to respond to every email query sent. I have really enjoyed the personal contact, but I find I must prioritize my time, and I'd rather be reading and putting up reviews! If you would like me to consider your book for review, please send the following to my email (gracekrispy at 
     ~short blurb about the book, and any applicable links; I appreciate knowing a bit about the author as well (this information will be used to help me decide whether to read the book)
     ~the book itself or access to the book, in one of the following formats (in order of preference): 
          +coupon for a download from Smashwords
          +the book itself in .epub format (Calibre is a great tool for book conversion!)
          +a Kindle version gifted through Amazon to my email
          +other digital or paper formats may be considered as time and ease of conversion allow

I love to read, and I want to see quality authors rise to the top! I will assume that any authors requesting reviews have looked at my reviews and understand my review style. If you'd like your book reviewed, please note the following:

1) I'm very honest, and if I don't like aspects of a book, I'll give constructive criticism as to what would, in my opinion, make it a better book. Then I'll rate it accordingly. I rate on a 5-star system, in half-star increments. Excessive grammar or spelling mistakes will factor in negatively. I expect self-published books to be well-edited, just as all published books should be. Books rated at 3 stars or above can be considered recommended by me.

2) I'll review short stories as well as full-length novels- fiction only, please. (I read many non-fiction books, but I prefer not to review them.)  

3) I focus my reviews on ebooks, and most of those books are from independent authors. 

4) I am open to hosting giveaways for digital copies- preferably with a choice in format for my readers. Please include your desire to participate in a giveaway in your email.  

5) I generally put my reviews up on one or more of the following sites: Smashwords, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I will link to one or more of those sites to assist readers in easily finding your book for purchase. 

6) I do not accept compensation for my reviews. If you choose to offer me a review copy, please understand that you will receive my honest thoughts in return. Integrity is very important to me.

I currently have many books in line to be read and reviewed. If you choose to submit a book for review, it will likely be a wait- in terms of months- before your review goes up. I am kept very busy with my job and family, but I enjoy spending a lot of my "me" time reading. Sometime I review 4 or more books a week, other times it's more like 1-2. 

For more insight into my thought process, read my "IndieView" here! (Thanks, Simon!)

(updated 4/3/11)