Friday, September 17, 2010

REVIEW: "Alone in the Company of Others" by Kelly Huddleston

Rife with symbolism and double meanings, this book is a very interesting, although sometimes confusing, ride. Initially slow starting, you are soon swept up in the storyline, wanting to know what happens to all the richly developed characters contained therein. I founds myself drawn in (though vaguely disgusted at times) by the relationship between the Camille and Russell, fascinated by the life of Wilsie, intrigued by the apparent motivations of the various and ever-changing members of the household, and interested, overall, in the events that led up to ending.

The story jumps around a little too much for my taste, and a few transitions were confusing as I struggled to put the timeline back in the correct order in my head. That being said, the storyline is rich and unusual, and definitely worth the read. It is the type of book that sticks with you, even after you've finished reading. You've left thinking about the characters long after their stories end, and wondering, perhaps, what you would have done differently. Be forewarned, this is a book upon which you need to concentrate your total attention in order to get the full meaning and the rich symbolism.

4/5 stars

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