Sunday, September 12, 2010

Starting over

Ok, so I recently stumbled upon the  "Blogfest" going on right now,  and thought to myself "whatever happened to my terribly failed blog from a few years back....I wonder if it still exists?"

To my surprise, it *did* still exist! And here it is, right here! I changed some settings, read my old posts, and thought I'd try to start it up again. The problem is, I'm still not sure what type of blog I want this to be. I love books and am really into Smashwords right now (ebooks by indie authors), so I thought maybe a book review site? Although I *love* to read and read almost constantly, I have only started reviewing books recently. My reviews aren't anything great, but I like the opportunity to say what I think about a book.

So maybe I'll try this blogging thing out again. I do love to write, I just feel like I rarely have the time. Maybe I'll review some books, maybe I'll talk about my life, maybe I'll actually find my niche at some point, and maybe, just maybe, people might even be interested enough to "follow" me (a new term I just learned). Time will tell...

Besides this blog, I've only blogged once before, when we first moved to Hawai'i. My husband has a lot of sites out there that he's designed and kept up. I don't even know how many. One was a site to encourage visitors to Hawai'i, and he asked me to blog about life in Hawai'i. I did. He asked me to stop. Apparently, my posts were too negative and were probably discouraging visitors. Foot-long centipedes and ants galore are discouraging? Hey, I blog what I live!

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