Saturday, December 04, 2010

REVIEW: "The Storyteller" by Sharon Tillotson

"Sarah" is a Soul who's been through many incarnations in many different times. Currently, she's trying to help guide Suzy, a modern-day widow with a business of her own and a seeming inability to move past her losses, on her path of rediscovery. While we watch Suzy traveling her path, Sarah recounts for us some of her past incarnations and subsequent lessons learned. Sarah is a Storyteller, and most of her incarnations have utilized that gift. Suzy, however, is yet to discover who she is and what her main purpose may be.

Sharon Tillotson, a life-long intuitive and seeker, was guided to craft this book to share this story. Several stories describing Sarah's past lives are interspersed throughout Suzy's journey of discovery, loosely tied together by Sarah's own "thoughts" on the issues. As I was first reading, I found myself wishing it had been a collection of short stories, "soul" stories, perhaps introduced by Sarah's thoughts about each one. Although it all pulls together into a cohesive piece, the stories of the various incarnations are long enough that it reads a bit more like a collection rather than a novel. Essentially, though, it is a collection, but with Suzy's story interwoven into the mix. As I continued reading, I began to enjoy more the format of the book. Some of the stories were much more engaging to me than others. It wasn't a book I devoured, eager to finish, it was a book I tasted in sips (hence my relatively long- for me- read time). Some of the sips were very satisfying and thought-provoking, others, not so much. For me, the book dragged a bit in places, even though none of the sections was particularly uninteresting. It was like a languid journey across a varied landscape, with some scenery more enjoyable than others. I felt like it took a while to get going and to get me engaged in the story, but as I settled down and began to enjoy the ride, it became more about the journey; Suzy's journey as well as, perhaps, my own.

As Suzy discovers (or rediscovers or reinvents or remembers) herself, many transcendental ideas are explored and grown. Some of the ideas were thought-provoking, and some seemed a bit tired. I did really like the concept of shining a flashlight; that there were no evil ideas, just darkness that needed a little extra light focused on it to be understood and explored. We can choose to shine that flashlight wherever our own personal darkness lies. I think Suzy's story dragged on in places, but that can be said to highlight her own struggle of rediscovery. Life doesn't always move quickly, at times it drags, and this book reflects that.

Altogether, an interesting read if you're in the mood for something thoughtful and unhurried. It's a bit difficult for me to rate with stars; I wasn't really immersed or engaged throughout, but it was fairly thought-provoking and interesting. The story is really designed for the reader to be a spectator rather than a participant and observe Suzy's journey and the journey of the Soul called Sarah. The participation comes as you reflect upon what it all means for you, if you choose to do so. Your rating will vary, but for me, it's a:

3 /5 stars

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Sharon said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Grace, for your thoughtful and honest review of my book.

I particularly appreciate that you mentioned it made you pause and reflect.

And I am happy some of the concepts resonated with you and some didn't... I have always felt we come to know ourselves by becoming aware of and honoring what feels true for us.

I could not be more pleased that you took the time to do the review.

Sharon Tillotson

GraceKrispy said...

Thanks for the comment, Sharon! I enjoyed reading your book. :)