Saturday, January 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a FREE digital copy of "Terrorlord" by Guido Henkel

 Gothic horror has a new hero! Follow Jason Dark in his exploits as he faces the horrors, the demons, the vampires, the werecreatures, and every other diabolical monster imaginable on behalf of a more civilized world.

Guido Henkel is giving away *five* copies of "Terrorlord," which is Volume 9 of the Jason Dark series.  To win this exciting installment, all you need to do is leave a comment below with your name and email address. The author himself will send you a personalized link allowing you to download the story in the format of your choice!

Volume 9: Terrorlord

Conjured from the bowels of the abyss by ancient magic, the Terrorlord has one desire — to open the Seven Gates of Hell and unleash the horrors of the undead upon mankind.
Reliving the nightmares of his youth where an encounter with the Terrorlord left him scarred for life, Jason Dark must once again confront the powerful gatekeeper from Hell before his reach and power spiral out of control. With the help of Siu Lin, the ghost hunter will have to put an end to the Terrorlord's dark reign before he can devour our world in his evil blackness.
"Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter" is a supernatural mystery series that is being published in both print and eBook form by Thunder Peak Publishing, an imprint of media publisher G3 Studios. Though in the gothic horror segment of the market, these books are, in fact, occult detective mysteries targeted at mainstream readers and young adults who enjoy a fast, action-packed read. In his review, Fangoria editor Chris Alexander called the series "a briskly paced pulp fiction throwback full of gothic dread and shivery intrigue" and “a cult of sophisticated fiends who like their terror full of elegant dread and Victorian charm.” High praise indeed, coming from the leading horror magazine in America! What's more "Ghosts Templar," the third installment in the series just won the 2010 Occult Detective Award on!

Just leave a comment with your email below for your chance to win a copy of this exciting installment! 


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I would love to win a copy.

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Sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Sign me up! k . c . may @ live . com

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Please count me in !


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Sounds good to me