Thursday, February 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Enter to win your very own digital copy of "Whom God Would Destroy" by Commander Pants

                                     HE RUNS INTO A FEW KINKS HE DIDN'T FORESEE...

The Official Blurb:

It's 1987, and "God" has returned to Earth. Equipped with a new message and a bell that makes people happy, he opens up a new age store, ready to have a little fun. Luckily, things don't turn out quite like He'd planned.

Whom God Would Destroy is a thought provoking novel about God, insanity, Big Macs, space aliens and the search for the Ultimate Orgasm...But mostly it's about taking reality with a pillar of salt. 

You can get your very own digital copy of  Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants! It's FREE and easy-- no facebooking, twittering, dancing naked on a roof, or giving away your firstborn necessary*! Just leave a comment on this post with your email address and your preference of a Kindle version gifted or a PDF of your very own. 

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen after the contest closes on March 5th. Will you be the lucky one who gets to find out all the secrets about God, insanity Big Macs, space aliens and the like? Only one way to find out... enter now! 

*you're more than welcome to do any of those things, but please stay off my roof, and I already have a firstborn.

If you've just *got* to have this book TODAY and you can't wait to see if you've won, buy your very own copy at Amazon right now! If you're a little hesitant and you'd rather see what others have said about this book FIRST, read some reviews here! I'll be adding a review of my own as soon as I manage to carve the time to get through that wonderful list of books I have to read. But don't wait for me- get your own copy and write your own review!


Anonymous said...

Love giveaways, thanks, Grace.

Gabrielle said...

I'd love to win a kindle copy!
- Gabrielle (abfabgab on gmail)

Anonymous said...

I love the title, I'd like to read it on my shiny new kindle. My email is