Sunday, February 06, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Win a FREE Digital copy of "Dark Passages" by Sara Reinke!

I am thrilled to be giving away one free digital copy of "Dark Passages" by Sara Reinke. This is a paranormal romance. I have recently enjoyed reviewing  another of Sara Reinke's books, "Backwoods." (Read my review here!) I am looking forward to reviewing "Dark Passages," and you can get your very own copy! With a release date of February 14th, this is your chance to get the book hot off the digital presses! Easy to enter, details are at the end of this post!

(The following is from the author's promotional material)
Cover art, DARK PASSAGESIn Dark Passages, Tristan Morin is a vampire on a mission: to not fall in love with Karen Pierce. To do so would prove that humans and Brethren were meant to be physically and emotionally bound to each other -- something he, as a full-blooded Brethren, refuses to believe. It would be so much easier if Karen wasn't beautiful. And if there wasn't something about her that draws him like a moth to a flame, damn near impossible to resist.

Karen has always felt an inexplicable attraction to Tristan. More than just the fact he's strikingly handsome, it's as if being with him is something natural, comfortable and right. But soon a brash choice on his part leaves her heartbroken and confused, and a sadistic new enemy will put their tentative love -- and their lives -- to the ultimate test.
New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Sharon Sala calls Dark Passages: Tristan & Karen "an amazing read! With a hero like this one, the bite -- and what comes with it -- is worth the blood."
Sara Reinke's paranormal romances,  Dark Thirst and Dark Hunger (both published by Kensington/Zebra in 2007 and 2008, respectively), introduced readers to the dark world of the Brethren vampires. A third installment, Dark Passion, was released from Double Dragon Publishing in 2009.

To date, all three have sold nearly 40,000 copies combined and regularly attract new readers. Because of this steady reader interest, the author has decided to continue the series. 
Dark Passages: Tristan & Karen, a novella-length ebook installment, will relaunch The Brethren Series on February 14th, 2011 

In August, 2011,  the next installment, Dark Vengeance, will be released in ebook and trade paperback, reuniting readers with Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones, the protagonists from Dark Thirst. Both Dark Passages and Dark Vengeance will be published by Bloodhorse Press, LLC (, the new home for the Brethren Series.

Entering is easy!

Just leave a comment on this post with your email address.

The winner will be chosen by a random draw when the contest closes on February 21st, 12am Hawai'i time.

The winner will receive a Smashwords coupon and instructions on how to redeem it for a free digital copy that can be read on any ereading device (Sony, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc), or even right on your computer! 

Enter now! :)  



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This book and the series sound interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

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I am a Sony eReader newbie but I am loving it. DH bought me a Sony 350 Pocket reader and it is so wonderful. This book you have reviewed sounds really good. I have already found some new authors! Thanks GraceKrispy!

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