Sunday, September 19, 2010

When I'm Not Reading...

Yikes! I tried to participate in something, and I did it totally wrong! Hate when that happens.... I was reading this post on "The Unread Reader" blog about things we do when we're not reading. And I decided to participate. Well, I've just now figured out that I did it wrong. I think I was supposed to write my comment on my own blog, and not below her post. Whoops. Chalk it up to newbie-ness. I'm a work in progress!

Anyway, when I'm not reading, I'm usually surfing the net, checking out MobileRead forums, finding new and exciting authors on Smashwords, out walking or running, playing with my kids (or taking them to various activities- soccer, play practice, dance class, etc etc), chilling with a little TV, or working. Mostly, I'm working. Good thing I love my job!

So anyway, my apologies to anyone who was inadvertently confused by my failure to follow procedure. Please visit again!

1 comment:

Missie said...

Hey Grace,

Anyway you want to share is cool! There is no wrong way. :D

Sounds like you have a lot going on when you are not reading. That's good. Glad you have a job you love. That helps a lot!

Thanks for participating!