Friday, December 17, 2010

REVIEW: "Triune" by Willow Polson

A celebration for a brother coming home from war, an incident on a plane with surprising consequences, an unfurling of identity and knowledge, and the Mason brothers discover a new dimension to their joint existence. As a team, they are unstoppable; a powerful force. Separated, they are simply not whole. Unfortunately, these changes don't come with an instruction manual, and the brothers must band together to explore the purpose and meaning behind this major event.

In "Triune," Willow Polson has taken the age-old concept of "angels among us" and offered a bit of a twist. We may have all learned about angels who sit in their heavenly clouds, playing harps and greeting newly passed souls. But angels on Earth, living as humans? This concept has been explored in a few places, but none in quite this fashion. This story is engaging and an easy, fun read with several surprises in store. The storyline is captivating enough to maintain interest the entire way through, and I found myself trying to discover the secrets even as the brothers did the same.

Although I really enjoyed the overall storyline, I felt it sort of meandered along, even-keeled, without any real high or low points. It seemed a pleasant, "vanilla" ride, and I soon realized there really wasn't any major points of conflict. Ends very neatly tied together, characters were never in angst for more than a paragraph or so. I like a little more spice and zest mixed in. I want to feel anxious as the characters really struggle, so that I can feel relief as the conflict is resolved, or righteous anger if it's not.

I found the brothers engaging and interesting, but I would have liked some more background about their relationship before Mike experienced his life-changing event. More background would have enabled me to better appreciate the changes in their resulting relationship. There are a few hints, but I didn't get a real feel for what they were like before. I felt the characters were interesting, but not really well-developed, adding to that pleasant "vanilla" feeling. I was still able to enjoy the story, but I wasn't fully immersed in the adventure.

All in all, an interesting story, worth a read. The abrupt ending hints at something else to come, so there may yet be more to this story....

3.5 /5 stars

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