Saturday, December 18, 2010

REVIEW: "The Tempest" by Holly Hook

Janelle, a normal teenager who has just made a move from Michigan to Florida with her dad, realizes something's not quite right the day her dad wants to stay in the path of the hurricane to watch its power instead of flee to safety. With the help of a police escort and a mandatory evacuation, they make it to safety just in time ... just in time, that is, to see a boy come out of the eye of the hurricane. Janelle's initial shock and confusion turn to anger and fear as she realizes there is more, much more, that she hasn't been told about her life. Now Janelle must come to terms with who- and what- she is, and figure out how to fulfill her destiny on her own terms.

Engaging throughout and geared towards a young adult readership, this book is the first in the Destroyer series by Holly Hook (be sure to check out her blog spotlighting other ebook bargains). The storyline and pacing of the book are reminiscent of Rick Riordan's Olympians series with Percy Jackson, but with a unique concept that is ultimately satisfying in much the same way. From the initial scene with the hurricane bearing down on Janelle and her dad, this story pulls you right along through to the surprising conclusion. Creative and entertaining, this book is good fun from start to finish.

The writing style is simplistic, using language and phrasing that will appeal to younger audiences. If this were a book targeting adults, my rating would reflect this simplistic writing style. Instead, I chose to rate this with regards to the intended audience. The lack of sophistication expected for an adult tale is completely appropriate in this story meant for younger audiences, and the book will likely appeal to a much wider audience. I hope the next book in the series will develop the characters a bit more to add a little more depth and authenticity to their personalities and relationships.

Overall, a fun and engaging read with an original storyline.

4 /5 stars

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