Monday, April 04, 2011

REVIEW: "The Ark of Adams" by Jack Kane

Official BlurbDr. Timothy Adams' invention was supposed to save mankind. Arcadia was to be his crowning achievement. Through life extension technologies and Virtual Reality fueled immersion, a land of plenty has been born; a shelter from a dawning New Ice Age and refuge from collapsing global economic markets. But, the shadowy government agency that so generously funded his efforts has other plans.

Additional informationThe Ark Of Adams is a story about noble intention gone awry. Consider one Dr. Timothy Adams. In a near distant future beset by the turmoil of global warming and economic failures, he creates an innovative virtual reality application which, when combined with extropian immersion technologies, yields a land of plenty. With the promise of a viable solution to the world’s problems at hand, his deal with a shadowy government agency appears of a reasonable means to an end.

Meet Senator Elaine Noel, Citizen 472. Assigned to the colony of Arcadia for data integrity strategies, her true identity since lost to system corruption; today, she serves as a lowly backup technician, known as Nikki Allen. But, today is not an ordinary day. 

Today, she will be interrogated by intelligence agents, stripped of her system profile, and imprisoned. Today, she will become a fugitive and find herself drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse amidst the hacker underground. 

Yet when tragedy strikes Limmerick; this imperfect world, facing its final moments, will look to her as their leader in a fight to be waged for the ultimate control of all that remains.  

I started this book with very high hopes. An Earth on the brink of collapse, unable to sustain its population, a brilliant scientist who develops a solution using the tenets of virtual reality..., a very compelling premise. I think the concept is solid and has a lot of potential, but I was unable to get past the lack of punctuation (particularly a lack of commas), the typos (including its always being spelled its'), and what I consider to be awkward phrasing in order to finish the book. I started and stopped this book several times over the past few days, but was unable to get past the writing style. I'm sure there's a gem of a story in there, I just couldn't unlock it. I wanted to love it, but really couldn't read it. As such, I will decline to give this book a star rating. 

I am including a few of the sentences I found in the first 70 pages. I include them because it's indicative of the writing within, and the writing may be perfectly in line with what some are looking for in a novel. Just because I found the writing to be an impediment doesn't mean all readers will find the same.

--"She climbed out of bed slowly, her waking coordination making her slippers slide onto her feet more difficultly than normal."

--"Upon reaching the next oasis, she repeated the process while taking the time to again dowse the top of her head with the water before filling the canteen that she carried."

--" 'You knew I was coming and were going to not let me in?' she inquired at his nerve."  

--"She hung her head taking in his points. They were inciting but true and at that moment she knew that she really did need help and that she indeed did not have many options." 

Neat concept with lots of potential, but the writing style got in my way. Your mileage may vary!

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