Saturday, January 08, 2011

Top Reads of 2010!

I was honored to be asked by author Maria Schneider (check out her books!) to contribute my top 4 Kindle reads of 2010 for DailyCheapReads blog. It was really hard to decide which books to choose! Click here to find out about the 4 I finally chose!

I thought I'd take a few minutes and list all the rest of the 4 and 5 star (according to me) books I've reviewed on my blog in 2010. (Take a quick browse of my Smashwords page to see many more 4-5 star books reviewed by me before I started this blog.) I hope you take the opportunity to check out some of these reads! Here, in no particular order, are the books:


"Flaming Dove" by Daniel Arenson (fantasy)

"Alone in the Company of Others" by Kelly Huddleston (literary fiction)

"Remix" by Lexi Revellian (feel-good murder mystery)


"Secondary Targets" by Sandra Edwards (suspense, conspiracy)

"Powerless: The Shadowing" by Jason Letts (YA fantasy)

"The Summoning Fire" by David Michael (horror)

"ZombieStop Parade" by ZombieStopperUno (fiction-political corruption)


"Venom of Vipers" by K. C. May (science fiction)

"Meet Me in Nuthatch" by Jacqueline T. Lynch (nostalgia, relationships)

"Heirs of Mars" by Joseph Robert Lewis (speculative science fiction)

"Lovers and Beloveds" by MeiLin Miranda (fantasy romance with erotic content)

"The Year We Finally Solved Everything" by Rudolph Kerkhoven (literary, speculative)

"The Noble Pirates" by R. L. Jean (historical fantasy, time travel)

"Awakening; Dead Forever Book 1" by William Campbell (science fiction)

"The Ghost of a Flea" by John Brinling (mystery, suspense)


"And Then She Was Gone" by J. Daniel Sawyer (hard-boiled detective mystery)

"Anomaly" by Thea Atkinson (literary fiction)

"Red in the Flower Bed" by Andrea Nepa (children's picture book)

"Van Gogh, Encore" by John A. Karr (speculative)

"Few are Chosen" by MT McGuire (science fiction)

"The Tempest" by Holly Hook (YA fantasy)

"Pink Noise" by Leonid Korogodski (science fiction)


Vicki said...

Grace, I'm truly honored that you picked Sleight Malice as one your 2010 top reads. Thank you.

GraceKrispy said...

A well-earned honor, Vicki :)

manjulikapramod said...

Gud list.. seems like u ended up reading grt books.

Heres my list-